Based in Lithuania we, UNLINED, are a clothing brand that designs exclusively dresses. Believing in the freedom of ‘unplugged’ beauty liberated from perceptions of others we encourage you to come as you are.

UNLINED is all about thin, natural layers that reflect who you are with no constraints attached. Models and cuts with a twist - the ones that highlight (not hide) your legs, your neckline, the elegance of your wrists, the curves of your waist…

UNLINED style is effortless yet elevated, subtle and statement-making. Our women are sensual, feminine and cheeky. Our dresses - light and easy to wear, intended to be taken anywhere, lived in.


UNLINED dresses are all made from the highest quality natural and artificially made natural fabrics.

Linen was our first choice that inspired us. Yet we did go beyond it and welcomed other fabrics into our family as well - raw silk, drapey cupro, viscose and more others, all designed to be worn effortlessly. This wide range of carefully selected fibers untied our hands and let us play with different ways these fabrics fall and shine.

Choosing natural fabrics comes with a price that is worth paying for. While being perfectly absorbent, breathable and durable they do wrinkle. This is one of natural fabrics beautiful characteristics that you might need to consider.

The more lived in, worn and washed, the more softly and smoothly these fabrics play with your skin. Yet special care while washing might be needed.


Producing new garments is not sustainable and we don't pretend that it is. Yet we strive to be thoughtful in everything we do. First and foremost, we produce in small quantities to avoid leftover fabrics. In offering less, we hope to inspire more mindful consumption and less waste.

Although we cannot claim to be 100% sustainable, we aim to install small steps towards it in our business. As part of our sustainability journey, we have introduced textile bags for our dresses that are made out of remainders from the fabrics we use. Biodegradable packages in which our items will reach you are as well a step to our way of being sustainable.

We chose to dismiss trends and the urge to offer new collections every season in favor of longevity and ease of wear. We, UNLINED, are not for one season only. We are here to keep you company for quite a few years even decades ahead.


Doing things our way means actually doing good. Our business is intentionally small. That enables us to focus on perfect quality. Final pieces are made with utmost love and care. Every single step of making dresses from designing to sewing takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania. Having a team of four skilled seamstresses nearby we design, cut, sew, learn from mistakes, react and get better instantly.

UNLINED is a brand run by two women: Ana Savicka and Vaida Jakstiene.

Ana is the brains behind UNLINED. This soon to become mother of two is a constant source of inspiration, so it’s no surprise that UNLINED is already a second dress brand of hers beside UNDRESS that focuses on more glamorous outfits.

Vaida is the hands of UNLINED. She conducts every step in the production from hunting our desired fabrics to coordinating the day to day work of our team of professional seamstresses and ensuring the best possible quality of dresses that are meant to meet your wardrobe.

UNLINED. Come as you are.